This is our guidebook to some of the many resources we have used.

A few sites we recommend for information:

The National Fragile X Foundation

The National Fragile X Foundation's website contains over 1200 pages of content on fragile X syndrome.

The Fragile X Research Foundation

FRAXA was founded in 1994 by three parents of children with Fragile X, Katie Clapp, Michael Tranfaglia MD, and Kathy May, to support scientific research aimed at finding a treatment and a cure for Fragile X.


Fragile X Research Foundation of Canada

This website is the number one resource for information in Canada regarding Fragile X.
Website also available in French.

Fragile X Syndrome

Description of Fragile X
Written by Stephen M. Edelson, Ph.D.
Center for the Study of Autism, Salem, Oregon


Conquer Fragile X Foundation

A non-profit foundation based in Palm Beach, Florida with an extensive list of Fragile X resources.


U.C. Davis M.I.N.D. institute

The M.I.N.D. Institute is an international, multidisciplinary research organization, committed to excellence, collaboration and hope, striving to understand the causes and develop better treatments and ultimately cures for neurodevelopmental disorders. Standing shoulder to shoulder, families, scientists, physicians, educators, and administrators are working together to unlock the mysteries of the mind. (Taken right from their home page)

Health Health Web Links

Health and Medicine Website Directory.
A wealth of links to sites related to health and medicine.

Fragile X Association of Southern California

This site has a newsletter as well as a chat room.


Healthlink USA

Eight pages of links to websites about Fragile X.

Shows the stats per country. Rather interesting

  DiseasesConditions is A human built diseases and conditions directory. Directory for all consumer health diseases and conditions information - nutrition, cancer, diabetes, mental health, allergies, depression, anxiety and more. There is absolutely NO charge to use our site to find a top web site related to your quest.


And finally, some of the sites we enjoy visiting...

For the little girls

For the boys and sometimes girls

Mindless entertainment

For the curious

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